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"Caring for seniors is embedded in our DNA, whether they are our residents or they never set foot in an Aegis community. This is my small way of giving back to the generation that gave it all."  – Dwayne J. Clark




Seattle Seniors Strong was developed by Dwayne J. Clark, CEO and Founder of Áegis Living. In early March 2020, when navigating COVID-19 became the new normal and social distancing began to takeover Seattle and the world at large, Mr. Clark wanted to do more to help those seniors that were going to be most vulnerable – the homebound and homeless seniors – by inspiring the community to join him in donating to charities that serve this population.

According to the CDC, the elderly are far more susceptible to contracting the virus and are less likely to recover from it. As more and more people were ordered to stay home, the few points of human contact that these seniors might have to provide essential services, like grocery getting, meal prep, or prescription delivery, would quickly dry up as well. 

Mr. Clark and his team immediately reached out to several charities and business partners to stave off ending these services for as long as possible. He identified two charities who serve the homeless and homebound senior community and whose services would remain intact throughout this pandemic with financial assistance and goods provided to them. Rather than make a one-time payment, Mr. Clark provided them with a challenge grant and promotional support to effectively turn every dollar these charities raised into two dollars donated. 

Now, Seattle Seniors Strong has grown into a combined effort by of some of Seattle and King County's most engaged companies and CEOs, who have committed to helping the generation that raised us when they need us the most. 


We have identified two charities who need our support the most in this crucial time, but we are continuing to support other local charities as well.


If you administer or would like to recommend another charity who is currently providing a public benefit to seniors in the Seattle area during this time, please click here to contact us.

Read more about our current charitable and operational partners below and please take a moment to donate to both to help seniors today. 

Charitable and Operational Partners



The Pike Market Senior Center was founded in 1978. Over the last 40 years, PMSC has adapted, evolved, and added services to meet the needs of their community. Today, PMSC is a recognized leader in offering programming for homeless adults in a senior center setting. PMSC is both a traditional senior center and a front-line human services agency. 


Services at PMSC reflect the needs of the community they serve without drawing distinctions between housed and homeless members. All services are offered at no cost, PMSC is open every day of the week, and the staff features 5 social workers. In the last 10 years, over 300 homeless seniors have found safe housing with the assistance of PMSC social workers. Much like other senior centers, PMSC offers fitness and art classes, games, and a welcoming environment to meet up with friends. The meals program serves over 50,000 free, nutritious meals per year to the diverse population of 1,500 older adults. 


The Pike Market Senior Center is administratively linked to the Pike Market Food Bank, providing free groceries, no-cook bags for homeless clients, and delivery service for homebound neighbors. 


Sound Generations was established in 1967 and is constantly striving to expand Food Security, Transportation, Health & Wellness, and Assistance Services to meet the diverse needs of our growing aging population in King County.  We are committed to helping low-income, marginalized, and underserved populations navigate the resources they need in a community that affirms and respects the aging process. None of this would be possible without support from those who donate their time and resources to move our mission forward.

Our staff and over 2,100 volunteers are dedicated to ensuring older adults can live ample and fulfilled lives in a community that respects and affirms the aging journey. In 2019, we served almost 54,000 individuals in King County. 

Our Affiliated Sites are made up of a collection of senior centers across King County and we are actively involved in developing Age Friendly Communities that engage residents of all ages.


The mission of Bartell Drugs is, “To be the best loved drugstore of our Northwest neighbors by providing an exceptional experience that advances their health, happiness and wellbeing.” Until May 31st, Bartell Drugs is delivering on their mission by contributing in-kind goods donations to our charitable partners. Additionally, they are requesting funds from shoppers at all 67 locations to contribute to their Seattle Seniors Strong Fund, which will be used to deliver even more goods to community partners at steep discounts. 

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