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Local Athletes and Celebrities Praise the Mission of Seattle Seniors Strong

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

"As someone whose spent most of my life in Seattle, I’ve seen how much it has grown since the 80s, and unfortunately I’ve seen homelessness grow with it. I’m happy to endorse Dwayne and this project, which is helping homeless seniors stay safe, fed, and sheltered throughout this crisis. They’re also helping provide seniors who cannot get around on their own with basic needs and services, without which, they would not be able to live their lives to the fullest. Please help out in whatever way you can."

– Apolo Ohno | 8x Olympic Medalist


"The past few weeks have been extremely challenging for us as a community. This pandemic is affecting the lives of so many individuals and it’s crucial that we help those in need. Unfortunately, many of our senior citizens are unable to access much needed resources like groceries and medicine because they’re frightened to leave their homes for fear of contracting COVID-19.

Photo by Paul Conrad/Getty Images for American Express

"I am so excited about the work Seattle Senior Strong is doing in our community — it is so important that we are checking in on our elderly neighbors to ensure they have the resources they need during quarantine. We as a community need to continue to follow the social distancing rules, but also to remember to check on those struggling during these uncertain times. #SeattleStrong

— Cliff Avril | Seattle Seahawks Legend


Seattle is my second hometown. There’s no place like it and the people are the best in the country. Just like any team, we are only as strong as the weakest among us and, unfortunately, our senior population is often neglected and forgotten about. I really resonate with the mission to “give back to the generation that raised us.” So take a moment and make a donation to support the programs that help your elder neighbors and all the seniors across Seattle thrive.

– Gary Payton | Seattle Supersonics Legend


This is a live article that will be continuously updated as more comments come in. Last updated 4/9/2020

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